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Find the Equation for the Random Sine Graph

Last update: April 10, 2007

Enter your answers exactly as reduced fractions when needed. If you need to enter π, just type p. It will show up as π. The coefficient of sine must be positive, but now you can put in any phase shift that works with a positive A in the equation y = Asin(Bx + C) + D. The show tools button will give you a horizontal and vertical red line that can be handy for marking the phase shift and vertical shift. Now you can hide part of the graph. This is called a mask and you can adjust both the size and position of the mask. Use the slider to adjust the size and drag to adjust the position. This makes a great tool for discussing periods in class.

Eventually I will add an assessment to the tools so a student can check that they marked the phase shift, vertical shift, and a period correctly. I also plan to make it so that you can choose between being given the graph, the characteristics, or the equation and then the student would come up with the other two of these things. Lastly, I also plan on adding an instructional phase to make this program more useful for online classes.

Click here for a larger version of this Random Sine Graph program.