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Scratch Projects

My kids started learning Scratch this summer because it is a fun way for them to learn some math, programming, computer art skills, and computer skills in general. As they complete projects, I will post them here. My husband and I will do a few projects also, so we can learn the Scratch environment and help the kids. Don't expect anything fancy. I will still be doing my more complicated projects in Flash, but this is a great resource for teaching my kids!

Sam's Projects:

Coming Soon!

Allison's Projects:

Coming Soon!

Jo's Projects:

Coming, probaby not so soon, but eventually.

Dad's Projects:

Coming Soon!

Mom's Projects:

This Linear Motion program was an experiment so I could practice keeping two sprites along a line with a fixed slope as I move them. This program was an experiment to help me with the triangles program below. Learn more about this project

This Circular Motion program started as an experiment so I could practice keeping to sprites at a fixed distance from each other. I used it to help me with the triangles program below. Learn more about this project

This is like the triangle drawing program below, except now you can also fix a side or an angle or a few combinations of sides and angles by using the 'click to fix parts'.Learn more about this project

Simple tool to make drawings. You can adjust the thickness of the line and the color. Click the flag to start drawing. Click 'r' or the stop button to stop drawing and change the color or line thickness. Click the flag again to begin drawing again. Learn more about this project

Use this tool to make triangles by dragging the vertices. If you are given a triangle to solve, use the given information and keep the side and angles values hidden to test your ability to make a rough sketch and then click 'show' to see how you did. Learn more about this project

Last Update: July 27, 2008